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SVK LTD - offers the opportunity to earn money from the active promotion of the platform. By making recommendations, you can receive a profit of 10% -5% -2% from renting a robot by your partners. For the most active leaders, we offer special conditions of the referral program, which imply a serious bonus program. With the growth of your team and an increase in the turnover of the referral structure, you receive a bonus reward from 0.1 to 2.5 BTC. The structure's turnover is formed on the basis of the total amount of deposits of your partners, from the open levels of the referral program.

When the turnover of the structure of a certain amount is reached, the bonus is credited automatically to the balance, you can use the bonus in various ways
1. Withdraw for personal use.
2. Send to partners.
3. Withdraw to increase the refback to your partners.

For representatives of blogs, monitors, YouTube channels for earnings:
1. Referral program 20-5-5%
2.The bonus for the turnover of the structure is increased by 20% (Level 1 bonus 0.1 BTC + representative bonus = 0.12 BTC)
3. In order for the profile of your personal account to receive the status of a representative, you must contact the online support service

0.50000000 BTC0.10000000 BTC
1.00000000 BTC0.20000000 BTC
5.00000000 BTC1.00000000 BTC
10.00000000 BTC2.50000000 BTC

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