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What is SmartVirtualKey?
SmartVirtualKey is an artificial intelligence created by Satoshi Nakamoto himself in order to accelerate the mining of bitcoin and with the possibility of passive earnings for users.More details about the company's activities can be found in the section "About US".

How long company SVK LTD has been on the market?
The development of artificial intelligence was started back in July 2016. And only in the middle of 2020 we were able to launch the first test platform based on a mining robot.

Does the company conduct official activities?
YES, registration documents can be found "Here".

What guarantees does your company provide to investors?
The company guarantees the safety of your investments and daily profit, according to the terms of the chosen mining plan. All possible risks associated with the further circulation of funds, the company fully undertakes under its obligations.

Does the company pay taxes?
Yes, all tax levies are paid in full, since the company's activities are officially conducted.

What will happen to my deposit if the robot stops working for some reason?
If the robot decides to end its activity for any reason - this will be notified on the official website - Investors' deposits will be recalculated, and the unpaid balance of funds will be returned within 3 business days.
BUT! This is out of the question. The robot will work and develop along with the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Robot SVK Eternal!

How can I start mining?
In order to start mining bitcoins, it is enough to go through a simple registration procedure, replenish the balance using the provided payment systems, and rent the services of a robot.

What payment systems do you use?
The robot only works with cryptocurrencies.

How can I withdraw my profit?
To withdraw funds, you must submit an application in the "Withdrawal" section.

What is the minimum amount to apply for a withdrawal?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 $.

How quickly are funds withdrawn?
All withdrawal requests are processed by the robot automatically, as a rule, the order execution time takes from 1 minute to 1 hour, depending on the load on the robot.

Are there any additional fees for withdrawing funds?
Withdrawal commission is not charged, in some cases commission may be charged by payment systems.

Does the robot have an affiliate program?
Yes! Our smart robot provided an affiliate program with a depth of 3 levels with a reward of 10-5-2%.

I replenished the balance from one payment system, but I want to withdraw it to another, is it possible?
Not! All charges and payments are made to the payment system from which the balance was replenished.

I want to change the invitation, is it possible?

My referral has replenished the balance, the crypto has been credited to me, but I cannot withdraw it, why?
Check to which payment system within the site the funds were credited, referral deductions are made to the system with which the partner replenished his balance.

I rented a robot, when will I start making my first profit?
Once you have rented the artificial intelligence, you will receive your first profit after 1 hour from the moment of rent.

Can I terminate my contract with the robot before the expiration date, is it possible?
No. The robot has its own specific functions, it knows how to mine cryptocurrency, accrue profits, pay funds to your wallets, share affiliate profits and even give out bonuses ... But the robot loves people very much and does not want to part with you.

Can I participate in the site's referral program without a rented robot?

Are there any bonuses for video reviews, blog posts, monitoring, etc., information about the platform?
Yes! after you finish recording a video, posting information on a blog or telegram channels, contact support to check the quality of your post and receive a reward. The amount of remuneration varies from 0.0005 to 0.05 bitcoin, depending on the quality of your work.

I entered incorrect information about payment systems in my profile, what should I do?
Contact the support service, as it is not possible to change your payment details after the first entry of your payment data.

I haven't found an answer to my question, what should I do?
Contact support, operators will promptly answer all your questions 24/7. You can also contact your regional representative who invited you to get acquainted with the robot.

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