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At the peak of the information technology revolution, a natural need arose to create a platform that would become the leader of the global digital economy and allow people to work for themselves and start living a full life.
We were the first to successfully implement Satoshi Nakamoto's plans in the era of the digital revolution.
IT technology is one of the fastest growing areas of the world economy.
The company develops products that are extremely useful from the point of view of an ordinary layman. The main goal of the platform is to make money that excludes any kind of risk.
The SVK LTD direction is the development of robots for remote automated cryptocurrency mining. Artificial intelligence SVK allows you to fully automate the mining process.
Using methods inaccessible to ordinary people, developed by the creator of the bitcoin cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto, even beginners in this industry can take advantage of the capabilities of artificial intelligence.
Mining with the help of artificial intelligence is just beginning to appear, in contrast to mining with traditional ASIC methods. Cryptocurrency, as a financial asset, is at the stage of formation and recognition all over the world, therefore, working with this tool is somewhat different from working with other mining resources.
SVK LTD artificial robot is a high-tech algorithm that is reliable from the point of view of maintaining a deposit, which itself extracts cryptocurrency and calculates profit every hour.

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