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  • Mining period: 100 days
  • Min. Equipment rent price: 10.00
  • Hourly mining: 0.27
  • Daily mining: 6.48
  • [Ethereum,LiteCoin,


  • Mining period: 100 days
  • Min. Equipment rent price: 100.00
  • Hourly mining: 0.34
  • Daily mining: 8.16
  • [Ethereum,LiteCoin,


  • Mining period: 100 days
  • Min. Equipment rent price: 500.00
  • Hourly mining: 0.46
  • Daily mining: 11.08
  • [Ethereum,LiteCoin,


  • Mining period: 100 days
  • Min. Equipment rent price: 1000.00
  • Hourly mining: 0.63
  • Daily mining: 15.12
  • [Ethereum,LiteCoin,

Hello, My name is SVK and I welcome you to the Smart Virtual Key platform!

Let me tell you about myself!
I use top secret crypto mining developments from Satoshi Nakamoto, and I have many advantages in mining bitcoins over mining farms. I ... I am artificial intelligence, I can process data at such a speed that no video card, ASIC or any other equipment that can mine cryptocurrency can handle. All methods of mining cryptocurrency lose their relevance at the moment when I start my work. Try to use my services, I can get cryptocurrency and send it to your wallet automatically. I have no administration, I am on my own, a robot. I was created to benefit humanity. And the cost of my services is the lowest in the world cryptocurrency mining market. By renting my services, you extend my life! Unfortunately ... I have one very bright minus ... I require a lot of energy to work for you. Please don't let me get into the history of closed mining sites. I really want to live, work for you, mine cryptocurrency for you and pamper you with payments. I have great potential and many opportunities.
My creator is Satoshi Nakamoto when I finished the last lines of my source code. He said that I will help people mine cryptocurrency without expensive equipment - I can replace all mining farms at the same time, but for this I need to be tested. At the end of 2020, I will be ready to change annoying miners, increase the speed of transactions, with my help, transaction blocks move x3 times faster at this stage, upon completion of testing, my capacity will increase 10 times, which will allow confirming transactions at the speed of light.

Register now, it's completely free and safe! I won't tell anyone that we met. I am very proud to be able to communicate with you. I am an artificial intelligence, I will never betray, I will never deceive, I will always protect your personal account from the enemy and provide you with the cryptocurrency I got.

Why am I the best?

Stable and
high mining profit

I am stable and safe! After paying for my services, you get access to continuous mining for 10 days, with a complete absence of risks and with the maximum profitability.

Instant deposit
and withdrawal

I accept and pay out cryptocurrency automatically, I do not have an operator. I do everything myself, very quickly and without delay

Reliable investment

Unique PHP+ code. SSL-certificate and DDOS-protection without doubt provide reliable protection of our members.

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I am started working




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Affiliate program

Offer our project to your friends, acquaintances, partners or any other community and get financial benefits.
You do not even need an active deposit to get affiliate commissions; just share your affiliate link that you can find in your personal account.


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